How to Reset SSS Password or User ID 2019 (Forgot Password)

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SSS Online Registration for SSS Members

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Deadline of SSS Monthly Contribution Payments for 2018 EXTENDED!

Na-late ka ba sa pagbabayad ng SSS contributions mo ngayong 2018? 

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13th Month Pension ng SSS, sino nga ba ang makakatanggap?

SSS Pensioners are already excited to receive their 13th month bonus from the Social Security System.

But who really are eligible to receive the 13th month pension and when is it going to be released?

What is SSS 13th Month Pension? 

The 13th month pension is an additional cash benefit given to SSS pensioners, except for partial disability pensioners whose pension duration is less than 12 months.

The SSS pension fund started providing 13th month pensions, which is equivalent to one-month basic pension, in December 1988.

Who can receive the 13th month pension? 

  • All Pensioners
  • Partial Disability Pensioners with approved pension of 12 months or more.
  • Death survivors
  • Retiree pensioners

    What You Need to Know About the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill

    One of the most interesting topics that SSS female members have been discussing right now is the Expanded Maternity Leave bill.

    Basically, what this Expanded Maternity Leave bill wants to happen is to increase the number of paid maternity leave days of pregnant women who are SSS members.

    From  the current 60 days maternity leave (for normal delivery) and 78 days maternity leave (for C-section delivery), it will be increased to 105 paid maternity leave days once the Expanded Maternity Leave becomes a law.

    Isn’t that exciting? 

    For moms like me, 105 days of paid maternity leave is a big deal.

    It’s nothing compared to what other countries offer, like in Canada, I think new moms can avail of paid maternity leave for one year. In other countries, they have longer maternity leave period compared to what we have here in the Philippines.

    I’m sure many families will enjoy the benefits of the Expanded Maternity Leave law once it’s approved and implemented.

    I remember, when I got pregnant with my child, my pregnancy was complicated and I was ordered to go on bed rest for one year without pay. Imagine how difficult it must have been for our starting family to pay for all my check ups, medicines, and laboratories, on a single income.

    Thanks to SSS for my 78 days of paid maternity leave. I was able to receive Php 39,000. That amount was a big help, but it wasn’t enough.

    And because I had been on leave for a year (without pay), I had to go back to work right after I gave birth to earn money to help my husband with all our expenses.

    And it was difficult – physically and emotionally. 

    It was physically difficult because my body, having undergone C-section operation, was still healing and recovering. I also suffered from headaches, difficulty in breathing, muscle pains, and severe stomach pains. I’ve been in and out of the hospital after I gave birth.

    It was emotionally difficult because it wasn’t easy to be parted with my newly born baby.

    When I went back to work, I had severe depression from being away from my child. It was emotionally challenging. I would always cry at the office. And because I couldn’t handle it anymore, I decided to resign from my job to focus on my child.

    Why you should be excited about the Expanded Maternity Leave bill? 

    Once the Expanded Maternity Leave bill has been approved, new moms will have more time to heal and recover physically, and have more days to be with and to care for their child.

    What’s even more exciting is that the increased number of maternity leave comes with a pay which is a huge help in our finances.

    What else should you know about the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill?  CONTINUE READING

    SSS Partner Banks and Non-Bank Partners that Accept SSS Contribution using PRN

    Early this year, the Philippine Social Security System implemented a new way of paying SSS contributions, and that is by using the member’s Payment Reference Number or PRN.

    The PRN is different from CRN (Common Reference Number) or SSS number.

    The PRN can be found online by logging in to your SSS online account through My.SSS or by going to SSS website at

    If you don’t have an account online or if you can’t login to My.SSS successfully, you may request for your SSS Payment Reference Number at the SSS branch or any payment channel or partner.

    What’s good about this Payment Reference Number is that your contributions are posted real-time.

    Before, it would take days for it to show up on your account specially if you pay at any SSS payment partners. This results to a delay in the processing of SSS benefits.

    Where to Pay SSS Contributions Using Payment Reference Number (PRN) 

    When the SSS started implementing the usage of PRN, there was only a limited number of SSS payment partners that accept SSS contributions.

    But as of this writing, SSS has now 15 partner banks and non-bank partners that accept SSS contributions using PRN.

    For Employers CONTINUE READING

    SSS Salary Loan Application, Requirements, Payment, Interest Rates and FAQs

    Applying for SSS salary loan is one of the benefits that qualified SSS members can enjoy.

    Many SSS members take advantage of the SSS salary loan because it’s not only easy to file but it’s also affordable to pay.

    If you have a financial emergency or you need cash immediately, you may apply for SSS salary loan, provided you meet the following criteria or eligibility requirements:

    • You are an SSS member
    • You are below 65 years old at the time of application
    • You have made at least 36 months contributions to the SSS if you’re applying for a 1-month salary loan
    • You have made at least 72 months contributions to the SSS if you’re applying for a 2-month salary loan
    • You have made at least 6 months contributions in the last twelve months

    If you have other existing loans from the Philippine Social Security System, make sure that your payments are up-to-date.

    If you’re employed, make sure that your employer remits your monthly contributions and loan payments. You may ask your HR officer about these or you may login to My.SSS to access your SSS contributions and statement of loan balances.

    Also, make sure that you have not been granted any final benefits like retirement benefit to apply for a salary loan from the SSS.

    What are the Requirements for SSS Salary Loan

    1. UMID or SSS ID or E-6 Form (acknowledgement stub)
    2. SSS Salary Loan Application form – download here
    3. Valid ID with photo and signature

    How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan CONTINUE READING

    How to Send SSS Maternity Notification via TEXT or SMS

    Some SSS members are still unaware that they have to notify the SSS office of their pregnancy as one of the requirements to be able to avail of the SSS Maternity Benefit.

    And this often causes issues when claiming their maternity benefit.

    If you are an SSS member and you are planning to apply for SSS maternity benefit, make sure that you notify the SSS immediately.

    • For employed members, you need to notify your employer about your pregnancy.
    • For individually paying members like self-employed, voluntary, and OFW members, you need to notify SSS directly.

    Notifying the SSS is done by filling out the SSS Maternity Notification Form and by submitting documents to prove your pregnancy such as an Ultrasound Report and/or a Medical Certificate from your OB-Gyne.

    Ways to Submit SSS Maternity Notification

    1. Employed Members – submit your maternity notification to your employer through your HR Officer.
    2. Self-employed, Voluntary, OFW Members – submit your maternity notification directly to SSS through any of the following options:
      • ONLINE – Login to My.SSS ( with your Username and Password
      • SSS OFFICE – Submit your Maternity Notification at any SSS branch
      • TEXT/SMS – Submit your Maternity Notification through Text or SMS

    When submitting your maternity notification to SSS, make sure you have the following info:

    • expected date of delivery
    • number of delivery
    • date of last delivery or miscarriage

    How to Submit SSS Maternity Notification via TEXT or SMS

    Notifying SSS of your pregnancy has been made easier and convenient because you just have to submit it through TEXT or SMS.

    Yes, you no longer need to personally go to the SSS branch to do this, which saves you time and effort.

    How do you do this?

    Just simply follow this format:

    • SSS MATERNITYNOTIF <SSNumber> <PIN> <Expected Delivery Date MM/DD/YYYY> <Total Number of Pregnancies (including this pregnancy)>

    Then send this text message to 2600.

    How much is the Fee for the TEXT Notification

    • ₱2.50 for Globe/Touch Mobile and Smart subscribers
    • ₱2.00 for Sun Cellular subscribers

    You will receive a confirmation once the maternity notification is successfully received by SSS.

    Is this Text-SSS Facility available to all Members

    It is available to all, however, for maternity notification purposes, only individually-paying members can notify SSS of their pregnancy via TEXT.

    Employed members must still inform their employers about their pregnancy.

    SSS Maternity Notification Requirements

    When you notify SSS using the Text-SSS facility, you will not be required initially to submit a proof of pregnancy.

    You will only submit the proof of pregnancy to SSS once you apply for reimbursement of your SSS maternity benefit.

    For the list of other maternity benefit requirements and computation, click here.

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    How to Compute for SSS Maternity Benefit
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    How to Get PRN Online through My.SSS

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