13th Month Pension ng SSS, sino nga ba ang makakatanggap?

SSS Pensioners are already excited to receive their 13th month bonus from the Social Security System.

But who really are eligible to receive the 13th month pension and when is it going to be released?

What is SSS 13th Month Pension?  CONTINUE READING

How is the SSS Retirement Benefit or Monthly Pension Computed

SSS Retirement benefit is just one of the many benefits that the Philippine Social Security System provides to its members and their beneficiaries.

It is an amount given to the member who can no longer work due to old age and that is when he or she reaches the retirement age of 60 or 65. CONTINUE READING

What are the SSS Benefits and why you should continue to be an SSS Member

The Philippine Social Security System (SSS) through R.A. 8282, otherwise known as Social Security Law, provides benefits to protect SSS members and its beneficiaries against the hazards of sickness, disability, maternity, old age, death, and other contingencies resulting in loss of income or financial burden. CONTINUE READING

SSS Retirement Benefit: Requirements, Application, and Computation

Are you a retired worker? Are you an SSS member?

Do you need help paying the bills for your children who are still in college?

Did you come here to know more about the SSS Retirement Benefit?

Worry no more because in this article you will learn more about the SSS Retirement Benefit – how it works, how to apply for it and how much you will receive. CONTINUE READING

SSS Pension Increase, Why not?

A bright light at the end of a tunnel, this is how I describe my emotions when I heard the news on the possibility of SSS pension increase this year.

See what happens when a president’s governing direction is geared towards the welfare of the less fortunate. CONTINUE READING

SSS Pension Plan or SSS Retirement Benefit

Investment is a very important tool for everybody.

People might think that starting early is not the best idea since many are at the receiving end of the lower income bracket.

But the trick here is to start at the earliest possible time. CONTINUE READING