How to Verify the Status of your UMID Application

Have you been waiting for your UMID or Unified Multi-Purpose ID for months now?

Do you want to know the status of your UMID Application?

If yes, to verify the status of your application for UMID, you may email, call, or visit the SSS branch.

Here’s how…

1. Verify UMID Application Status through Email

You may send an email to the Identity Management Department of the Philippine Social Security System (SSS) at

Indicate the following information on your email message:

  • Complete Name
  • 10-digit SSS number
  • Date of UMID Application

In the subject field of your email, indicate: Thru Facebook.

2. Verify UMID Application Status through SSS Hotline

You may contact SSS Trunkline No. at (632) 920-6401. Or you may contact the SSS Call Center at 920-6446 to 55. Tell the SSS Representative that you’d like to verify the status of your UMID Application. Provide them with your personal details (if they ask for it) and the date of your application for the UMID.

3. Verify UMID Application Status at the SSS Branch

If you have time, you may go to the nearest SSS branch to verify or follow up the status of your UMID Application. This is helpful especially if it’s been several months or years already and you still have not received your UMID.

SSS UMID Card Online Inquiry

If you are registered to My.SSS, you can check your UMID card status on the SSS website.

Follow these steps for SSS UMID card online inquiry:

  1. Go to SSS website at
  2. Enter your user ID and password. Click the Submit button.
  3. Hover your mouse over the E-Services menu.
  4. Click on “Inquiry.”
  5. Hover your mouse over the Member Info menu.
  6. Click on “SSS ID card.”
  7. The “SSS ID Card Production Information” table will appear.
    • On the last row (next to “Transaction/Card Status”), you’ll see the date/s when your UMID card was generated and/or packaged, and whether it’s already for packaging or mailing.

You may also check your email inbox. If you provided your email address in your UMID application, you should have received a status update from the SSS.

If you haven’t received any email about your UMID application status, you may follow it up with the SSS ID Card Production Department (IDCPD).

To do that, you may email the following information and attach images of your valid IDs to

  • Full name
  • 10-digit SSS number
  • UMID application date

You should get a reply from the SSS with the tracking number, your Common Reference Number (CRN), and the screenshot of the post office transaction (which includes the delivery date and reason for Return to Sender).

If you don’t receive any response after several days, call the SSS hotline at (02) 920-6446 to 55 or visit the nearest SSS branch to inquire about your UMID status.

My mother-in-law has not received her UMID after 3 years

Let me share with your my Mother-in-Law’s story…

Three years ago, she and my sister-in-law applied for their UMID. After a few months, my sister-in-law had already received her UMID, but my mother-in-law’s UMID has not been delivered to her home address yet.

We went to the SSS office at Ali Mall Cubao to inquire about her UMID application, and she was told that it’s still being processed. She was advised to go to the branch (SSS Puregold Cubao Branch) where she applied for the UMID to verify the real status of her UMID application as it has been three years since she applied for it.

So we went to the SSS-Cubao branch on the third floor of Puregold (near Farmer’s Cubao). The SSS staff who assisted her could not find any records as to the status of her UMID application, so she was referred to one of their managers at the branch.

The manager tried to contact the Identity Management Department of SSS Main Branch, but she was not able to get a response from them. She promised to give us a call once she receives an update from them.

A few days after that, the manager called and told my mother-in-law to go back to the SSS Cubao branch to have her photo and biometrics taken since they couldn’t find it in their database.

We went to the branch three times, but the manager was always not available – she was in a meeting, she was on leave, and she was in a seminar. We tried to seek assistance from the other staff, but they couldn’t help since they didn’t know the status of the UMID application.

We approached the lady who was in charge of taking ID pictures and Biometrics and we informed her of my mother’s UMID application issue. She tried to contact the manager who initially tried to help us, but she couldn’t contact her so she promised to give us a call once she receives an update from the manager.

She did give us a call a few days later and informed us to go back to the branch when we’re available to have my mother-in-law’s photo and biometrics captured.

Following up on my mother-in-law’s UMID application gave us a headache. And take note, she’s in a wheelchair because she’s an amputee (partially disabled with one leg amputated due to her diabetes) and even after going back to the branch a few times, she still has not received her UMID or not even a clear explanation as to what happened to her UMID application three years ago.

We haven’t gone back to the SSS branch since last month, but we’re planning to go there probably next month when my mother-in-law is already feeling better. She’s been in the hospital for a week now due to an infection.

If you’re wondering why she needed her UMID, well, she just wants to have it. And since she’s also filing for her disability and retirement claims, she finds it a good time also to follow up on her UMID which she has already paid for a long time ago.

We’ll let you know once she finally receives her UMID.


How to Apply for UMID? 

The Unified Multi-Purpose ID or UMID is considered as a valid and primary ID and it is easily accepted when transacting with any government offices and agencies such as the SSS, GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund, and Philhealth.

Government employees can apply for a UMID at the GSIS Enrollment Center, while private employees, self-employed, and OFWs who are SSS members, can apply for a UMID at the SSS branch.

To apply for a UMID, you need to bring the following requirements:

  • Valid IDs – passport, driver’s license, PRC ID, Seaman’s book, and other acceptable IDs. You may also present Postal ID, TIN ID, Company ID and other supporting documents to prove your identity.

Get a copy of the UMID form at any of these offices: SSS, GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund, and Philhealth. You can also download the form from the SSS website or click here.

Go to the nearest SSS or GSIS office to submit your UMID application form and requirements.

Once your application is verified, your ID picture, Biometrics, and Signature will be captured.

After that, you will be given the acknowledgment form and the estimated delivery date of your UMID Card. It will be delivered either to your home or office address.

To check that status of your UMID card application, follow the steps above for SSS UMID Card Online Inquiry.

Click here to read more about: How to Get UMID Card

Beware of “Rush UMID card application” Text Scam

There have been reports that text messages from unknown senders have been offering assistance to speed up the processing of the UMID card applications in exchange for P100 or any amount as a fee.

Please be reminded that SSS does not have rush application for UMID cards. They’re also not collecting any fees to expedite the process of releasing UMIDs.

Should you receive any of these scam messages, report it immediately to the nearest SSS branch or call the SSS hotline at 920-6446 to 55. You can also file a report with your own mobile phone service provider to stop the dissemination of bogus SSS text messages through their networks.

Always transact directly at the affiliated offices to avoid any issues.



  1. Why is the SSS ID is take so long before you recieve it… it takes 3 to 6 months that long …

  2. Jumar A. Rosana says

    Sir/ Maam I applied umid last april 27, 2017 yet my id was not been delivered. Please help me and have an update for it. Thank you

  3. How long I will take to wait my UMID Card?
    Kindly drop me a message if it is now available.

    Thank you.

  4. Mary jane jingle Bandong says

    Hi! Why SSS UMID id takes 4 to 6 months? I was surprised when the person took picture for my SSS UMID id says i have to wait 4 to 6 months, i thought it will take only a month. I need my id now coz my petition was been approved and US Embassy says i need passport before i get my medical exams and interview schedule . I already got Philhealth and Postal id but DFA asked me a govt id and that’s the only thing i been waiting. How can i get my UMID id process fast? Hope u can help me about this problem. Wait ur reply. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  5. JSantiago says

    I think the best and fastest way of claiming your UMID is to visit your local Post Office provided that you verify first the status of your application by sending an email to the SSS Identity Management Department at IDM usually respond within 2 to 3 working days emailing you the date when your UMID was posted, the PhilPost tracking number and your CRN, which you can use as references in claiming it at your local Post Office. They usually have separate windows for SSS and Postal ID claimants.

  6. grace beyag says

    they never responce any email i wonder what they this guys doing NO ANSWER THROUGH PHONE CALL NO ANSWER THOUGH EMAIL >>>

  7. I want to follow up the status of mu UMID ID.

  8. Roxanne lavarez says

    My husband was planning of picking up his umid at the post office but dont know how,we havent recv any tracking number from sss,we only recv msg saying that his umid was already packaged to post office….

  9. michelle c paguya says

    hi po bakit po walang ng text sa akin ng sss id qw matagal n po yon almost 1 month n po

  10. Diana rose says

    Hi po nagtetext po ba ang ang sss pag pwede ng kunin ang umid id sa post office.. Tnx po

  11. ilang days poba bago ideliver ng post office main yung UMID CARD sa nearest office kung saan ka nakaaddress. THANKS!

  12. Glen L. Gaculais says

    I applied last july 17 2018 but until now, December 19 2018, I havent receive my UMID yet. They told me that i will receive it 2 months after july the 17th. What happened?

  13. Update my sss account

  14. aldrin sarao lumayog says

    Sir /ma’am,can I get my sss # here?i want it to continue paying!


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