SSS Online Registration for SSS Members

The world is migrating to the Internet, and this same technology is turning out to be the answer to almost all of our informational needs.

From news, to gossip, to answers to life’s questions, it’s all in the Internet.

It’s only natural that the Government should also use it to bring their services closer to the people.

One of the first Government agencies to do this is the Social Security System, with their My.SSS service, where SSS members can do their SSS Online Registration at the comfort of their own homes.

Prerequisites for SSS Online Registration

Registering to SSS online is a fairly straightforward process — so long as you are an SSS member, you can enroll. Before heading off, make sure you have the following:

  • For individual members:
    • Your SSS Number
    • If you have an SSS UMID (Unified Multi-purpose ID), you can also use the CRN found in that document
    • A valid email address
  • For company employers:
    • Know the coverage date for your registration
    • Employer ID
    • A preferred User ID for log-ins
  • For household employers:
    • Same as for company employers, but you must also have an HR Email Address

After you are sure you have all the prerequisites, it is time to fill out the SSS online registration form.

SSS Online Registration Process

  1. Head over to the SSS homepage:


On the homepage, you will find a login box to the right (as pictured above). Click on the highlighted portion to proceed to the My.SSS registration page or SSS Online Registration page. Note that this is for individual members only (it will lead you directly to the individual members registration page).

If you are a company or household employer you can proceed directly to the registration page by following this LINK:

Individual members may also use this link.

Note also that the SSS website isn’t exactly a perfect fit for all browsers. If you find that you cannot navigate to the correct location, make sure to try a different browser. These browser errors may cause something to go wrong during the registration process, like your password not getting sent (though this isn’t that common).

  1. You will find a page with the following content:


Choose which one is fit for you.

3.1. If you are an individual member, you will have to fill out the following fields:


Take note that all fields marked with an asterisk are required fields — the registration will not go through unless you fill them out. Do not take too long in completing the registration, as the “captcha” challenge at the bottom is time-sensitive — after a few minutes, you might need to fill out a new one.

3.2. If you are a company employer, you will have to fill out the following fields:


Like before, all fields with an asterisk are required fields. You would not need to include a landline if you don’t have one, but it is ideal to put a working contact number, so that you have one on SSS records.

Unlike in individual members, employers will be logging in with a User ID of their choosing – not one based on their name.

3.3 If you are a household employer (i.e., one who has a nanny, driver, gardener, domestic helper, etc.), you will need to fill out the following fields:


It’s nearly the same as that of the company, except that you will not need to put in your address. Instead, you will need your “HR email address” which is your own. As well, no need to put in a landline number if you do not have one.

  1. After submitting, check your email address. SSS will be sending you a message with a confirmation link that contains additional fields you have to fill up. The message will be from and will look like this:


Click on the link mentioned in the email. Like the email address implies, this is an automated response — do not reply to it, as there is no human on the other end to read your message.

  1. After you have clicked the link, you will be redirected to a new page:


You will notice that a few of the fields have already been filled out using the information in the first part of the registration. Again, make sure to complete all fields with a red asterisk. Answer the details truthfully to avoid discrepancies in the future.

  1. At the bottom of the page, make sure to click on “I accept the Terms of Service” before clicking the Submit link.
  1. After clicking submit, head back to your email inbox. You will be receiving a message from SSS, informing you of the status of your application.

That’s it, you’re done!

Tips for Successful SSS Online Registration

Here are a few tips for when you hit snags in the registration process.

There is an error in loading or submitting the pages.

Use another browser. In the past, the SSS page prompts that it works best with Internet Explorer, so it might still be worth a try.

I did not receive any email from SSS.

Other email addresses that are not “” might be blocking the SSS messages. Be sure to try your Spam or Junk folder, depending on your email provider. If the message is on spam, click in “Not Spam” or a similar button to disable this blocking.

I forgot my password.

The password is also sent to you as you complete your registration, to serve as reference. But if you lost this email, you can request to have it sent to you again. Simply head over to the main page of the SSS website and click “Forgot User ID or Password?”

Keep your SSS Account Safe Online and Offline

SSS may not be as big of a deal here in the Philippines as it is in other countries, but your online account is still very important.

Protect it at all costs, and do not reveal the password (as well as the email address associated with it) to anybody.

Most of all, make sure to log out of your SSS account before closing the browser, especially if you are on a shared computer. You never know who might be able to access your SSS account details.

You may also watch this video by Pinay Investor for SSS Online Registration. (Note: tutorial starts at 3:00)

Or this simple steps from the SSS Youtube page:

I hope this tutorial was helpful you.

Let me know if you have any questions about SSS Online Registration. 


  1. I used IE but it says “Has discrepancy in first name”. What should I do?

  2. KURDAPYA says


  3. nag register ako pero ang na filled up pan lang yung phase 1 then naka receive ako ng email sa user name ko wala namang passwork required sa pahse 1 so pabo ako makaka pag sign in na ang gamit labg user name walang password?

  4. Darrie laroya says

    Di ko maactivate account ko. La lumalabas na redirect link

    • SSS Answers says

      check nyo po email niyo kung may natanggap kayong link for activation. copy-paste nyo na lang po sa browser ung link

  5. inquire for loan balance

    • SSS Answers says

      kung registered po kayo online, login na lang po kayo sa My.SSS para makita nyo po ung loan balance. Kung wala po kayong online, punta na lang po kayo sa pinakamalapit na SSS branch. O kaya naman po, magregister po kayo online para anytime pwede nyo po maaccess ang SSS account niyo.

      • Ngreregister po kmi ng sss acount nmin tru online after filling all required info/items check the i agree to the terms and click submit then it will show web page blocked…internet explorer and google chrome was used but same result was shown…what should i do?

  6. Ngreregister po aq ng account of my friend after filling all required info ncheck n din ung igree to the terms and click submit it shows web page blocked. Internet explorer and google chrome used but shows same the system down?what should we do?

  7. perlie lambito coronel says

    ask ko lng po kasi yung E1 ko po kasi nawawala at hindi ko po alam kung ano ang SSS NUMBER ko paano ko po maverify ulit kung sakali ang SSS number ko thanks po

  8. marcilyn jacutina lambayan says

    Bakit po Hindi ko po ma chek ung SAS ko po maari nio po ba ang tulungan

  9. jguevarra says

    Nag register po ako sa online sss pero ayaw gumana ng confirmation link na sinend sakin ng sss stating na “not accessible” na daw ng link which is kakagawa ko lang. help please

  10. Hi! Nagregister ako and they emailed me back saying I need to click their provided link to activate it but ang sabi sa naredirect na page is

    We regret to inform you that your registration is no longer accessible.
    Kindly try to register again to SSS Website.

    Pero kakareceived ko lang ng email nila how come na nagexpired agad? But I followed as the page advised me so I tried to register again but “E-Mail address has already been registered.”

    Can you help me with this issue? ‘Cause they’re not replying via email.

  11. Mae Gutay says

    Hi bakit wala pa po akong natatanggap na email? Halos 2 hrs na po akomg naghihintay

  12. Nag.register po ako sa sss online pero bakit po wala akong natanggap na email, at sa spam po wala din , ano po dapat gawin?

  13. Hi until ow wala pa din akong natatanggap na email after ko mag register.

    How can i fix this? Help

  14. Ilang days po bago maposted yung bayad sa sss loan pag sa bayad center ng bayad.?

  15. taib s. abdulgani says

    Nakapagregister na ako at nakareceived na rin ng email para iactivate ko ang account ko pero pag log in ko e eto lagi ang lumalabas,

    ” Invalid User ID Or Password”
    nakapa email na rin ako for assistance pero wala man ding reply.

    ano po dapat gawin?

  16. alma maalat says

    hi po wla parin akong natatanggap na email.wla nman po sa spam.ano po ba dapat gawin?thanks po


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