SSS Maternity Benefits, Requirements, and Computation

SSS Maternity Benefit is one of the many benefits of the Social Security System that covered members can avail of.

I have personally availed of my SSS maternity benefit a few years ago and the money I received from the SSS was truly a huge help.

I gave birth to my first child via C-Section delivery and I used my SSS maternity to pay almost half of our hospital bills.

That’s why in this article, I will share with you the benefits, requirements, and computation of SSS Maternity Benefit so that when the time comes that you or someone you know want to avail of it, you already know what to do…

SSS Maternity Benefits Requirements

  1. At least 3 posted monthly SSS contributions within 12 months before the semester of delivery, miscarriage, or abortion
    • For example, if your due date is September 2019, you should have paid at least three monthly contributions from April 2019 to March 2019.
  2. SSS Maternity Notification and Proof of Pregnancy
    • Proof of Pregnancy can be an ultrasound report, medical certificate, or pregnancy test stick sent to the employer.
    • If you are self-employed or unemployed,  you need to submit these requirements directly to the SSS office.

SSS Maternity Benefit Daily Allowance

When you avail of the SSS maternity leave, either due to childbirth or miscarriage, you will receive a daily cash allowance equal to your average daily salary credit based on the SSS maternity benefit computation.

For employed members, your employer is required by law to issue your full maternity benefit within 30 days since you filed your maternity leave. The SSS will then reimburse the full amount that your employer paid to you.

For self-employed or voluntary members, the SSS will pay the benefit directly to you.

Expanded Maternity Leave Law

This is a new law that was enacted on March 11, 2019 to protect and promote the rights and welfare of women.

Republic Act No. 11210 (RA 11210), also known as the 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law, grants increased maternity leave benefit to eligible SSS members.

Under this law, all working mothers in the government and private sector are guaranteed with:

  • 105 days of paid maternity leave credits, with 7 days transferable to fathers
  • An additional 15 days of paid leave will be granted to single mothers

Before, eligible female members were entitled to 60 days of paid leave for normal delivery and 78 days for cesarean delivery.

For cases of miscarriage or emergency termination of pregnancy, a 60-day paid maternity leave shall be granted to a female worker.

This new law gives mothers the option to extend their maternity leave for another 30 days without pay, provided that you notify your employer in writing at least 45 days before the end of your maternity leave.

This law also applies to every instance of pregnancy unlike before that only 4 pregnancies can avail of the SSS maternity benefit.

The expanded maternity benefits apply regardless of the member’s employment status, civil status and legitimacy of her child.

Maternity leave benefits should be availed by the eligible female worker either before or after the actual period of delivery in a continuous and uninterrupted manner.

SSS Maternity Benefit Computation

The computation and the amount of your SSS maternity benefit are based on your monthly salary credit or MSC of your SSS contribution.

MSC is the compensation base or salary level for contributions and benefits related to your total earnings for the month.

When you apply maternity benefit or salary loan, SSS uses this bracket to determine how much you are entitled to.


Here are the steps on how to compute the SSS maternity benefit:

  1. Within the 12 months immediately before the semester of the female worker’s childbirth or miscarriage, add the top six highest contributions to get your total MSC.
  2. Divide your total MSC by 180 days to get your average salary credit or your daily maternity allowance.
  3. Multiply your daily maternity allowance by 105 days or the number of maternity leave days you’re entitled to, to get your total amount.

Example SSS Maternity Benefit Computation

Step 1: Get the Facts including delivery month, semester of contingency and months prior to semester of contingency.

  • Delivery Month: March 2020
  • Semester of Contingency: October 2019-March 2020
  • 12 Months prior to Semester of Contingency: November 2018-September 2019

From November 2018 to September 2019, the SSS member should have at least 3 months contribution to be eligible for the SSS Maternity Benefit.

Step 2: Get the Monthly Salary Credit of the 6 highest posted contribution during the 12-Month Period prior to semester of Contingency.


Month Contribution Monthly Salary Credit
September 2019 2,040 17,000
August 2019 2,040 17,000
July 2019 2,040 17,000
June 2019 2,040 17,000
May 2019 2,040 17,000
April 2019 2,040 17,000

Step 3: Add the 6 highest monthly Salary Credit

17,000 + 17,000 + 17,000 + 17,000 + 17,000 + 17,000 = 102,000

Step 4: Divide the sum into 180 days to get the daily maternity allowance

102,000/180 = ₱566.66 (Daily Maternity Allowance)

Step 5: Multiply the daily maternity allowance depending on the following criteria:

  • For Normal Deliver – 105 days
  • For Cesarean Delivery – 105 days
  • Abortion, Miscarriage – 60 days
  • Solo Parent (either Normal or Cesarean) – 120 days

If Normal or Cesarean Delivery, multiply the daily maternity allowance into 105 days

  • ₱566.66 x 105 = ₱59,499.30 (Maternity Benefit)

If member is a Solo Parent (regardless if Normal or Cesarean Delivery), multiply the daily maternity allowance into 120 days

  • ₱566.66 x 120 = ₱67,999.92 (Maternity Benefit)

Maximum Maternity Benefit

The maximum maternity benefit that a female member can possibly receive is:

  • ₱70,000 pesos for Normal and Cesarean Delivery and
  • ₱80,000 for Solo Parent (either Normal or Cesarean Delivery)

That’s if the member has at least six monthly contribution of Monthly Salary Credit ₱20,000.

Minimum Maternity Benefit

The minimum maternity benefit that a female member can possibly receive is:

  • ₱2,250 for Abortion and Miscarriage and
  • ₱3,937.5 for Normal and Cesarean Delivery

That’s if the member’s Monthly Salary Credit was only ₱2,250, which is the lowest MSC starting April 2019, and has only three monthly contribution within the 12-month period prior to the semester of contingency.

How to Claim the SSS Maternity Benefit

For Employed Members

Employers from the private sector shall pay for the difference between the full salary and the actual cash benefits received from the SSS.

Private sector employers who employ less than 10 people may be exempted from paying the salary differential.

Employers are still mandated to advance the full SSS maternity benefit to its female employees within 30 days from filing their maternity leave application, and SSS will only reimburse the amount computed based on her average daily credit.

For Self-Employed and Voluntary Members

SSS will pay the full maternity benefit for those who are self-employed, voluntary, and those who have been separated from their employers before giving birth.

SSS will pay the benefit upon submission of all the required documents of the female member including pregnancy and birth delivery documents.

SSS Maternity Benefit for Unemployed

a. Unemployed, recently separated from work, with SSS contributions

If you are unemployed and recently separated from your previous employer, you can still avail of SSS Maternity benefit, provided, you have paid at least 3 monthly SSS contributions within 12 months before the semester of delivery.

For example, if your due date is December 2019, you should have paid at least three monthly contributions from July 2018 to June 2019.

Take note that you cannot make retro payments. Meaning, you cannot pay your contributions for the previous months just so you can avail of the maternity benefit.

b. Unemployed, SSS member, without SSS contributions

Sorry, you are not eligible to avail of the benefit if you have not paid any contribution to SSS.

c. Unemployed, not an SSS member, without SSS contributions

Sorry, you are not eligible to avail of the benefit if you are not a member and if you have not paid any contribution to SSS.

To know more about Social Security System benefits, you may visit the SSS website. Or call SSS Hotline at 920-6446 to 55.

More about SSS Maternity Benefit 2018

(Prior to the Expanded Maternity Law)

Having trouble applying for your SSS maternity benefit?

Here’s your solution. This article will be comprehensively tackling maternity benefits, its beneficiaries, the step-by-step process on how to avail those benefits, when you can apply and when you’re most likely to receive those benefits.

Before anything else, the maternity benefit that’s given by SSS is exclusive to its members. If you’re not a member or are just considering being one, you will not qualify to avail of this.

What is a maternity benefit?

In the Philippines, maternity benefit is a daily allowance given to any member of SSS who, for the allowable time, is unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage.

Who can avail of it? 

Apart from being a female member of SSS, here are a few more considerations to qualify for SSS maternity benefit:

  1. at least three monthly contributions in the last 12 months prior the child birth or miscarriage
  2. has given notification of the pregnancy to SSS via her employer, if with a company, or directly to SSS, if self-employed
  3. within the first four deliveries and miscarriages since 1997, when the Social Security Act of 1997 (RA8282) took effect

How to apply for SSS Maternity Benefit

There are three parts to the application process; the first part involves notifying SSS of your pregnancy, reimbursement and the other proving the method of birth.

A. Notifying SSS

  • For those who are employed are working with a company:

Make sure your employer is notified about your pregnancy at least 60 days from the date of conception. You’ll have to fill out an SSS Maternity Notification Form and present a proof of pregnancy, which normally an ultrasound report. Submit those with a UMID or SSS biometrics ID card or two other valid IDs, both with signatures, photos and date of birth. It’s now the job of your employer to submit a maternity notification form and the proof of pregnancy you gave to SSS.

  • For those who are currently unemployed, self-employed or are voluntary members:

Just visit SSS directly, and file you maternity notification there.

B. Reimbursement application

  • For currently employed members:

All you need to submit is the form below, which is a Maternity Reimbursement Form, with your stamped Maternity Notification Form and a UMID or SSS biometrics ID card or two other valid IDs, both with signatures, photos and date of birth.


  • For those who left the company during the pregnancy:

You also need to fill out MAT-2, submit the IDs, but with those you have to submit 2 certifications. One should contain the effective date of separation from employment or a notice the company has closed, while the other should certify that no payments have been made prior the separation.

  • For self-employed members:

Submit the Maternity Reimbursement Form, with your stamped Maternity Notification Form and a UMID or SSS biometrics ID card or two other valid IDs, both with signatures, photos and date of birth.

C. Proof of birth method

  • For a normal delivery, submit a certified true or authenticated copy of the registered birth certificate of your child. If he died or was a stillborn, send instead a registered death or fetal death certificate.
  • For a caesarean operation, attach certified true copy of the operating room record or surgical memorandum with the certified true or authenticated copy of the registered birth certificate of your child
  • For those who suffered from a miscarriage or agreed to an abortion, it’s a bit more complicated. For an incomplete abortion, you have to have an obstetrical history, with the number of pregnancy certified by the attending physician and dilatation and curettage report. For a complete abortion, you’ll have to submit a pregnancy test taken before and after the abortion and an age of gestation and hystopath report.

When do I get my maternity benefits?

Normally, the first half of the allowance is given prior child birth. The rest is released a month or so after the rest of the reimbursement requirements have been submitted.

How much will I get from my SSS maternity benefit?

  1. Excluding the semester of pregnancy—this equals to two quarters or roughly 6 months—count 12 months and determine your 6 highest salary credits during that period.

Salary credit is compensation base for contributions and benefits related to the total earnings for the month. If you’re unsure what yours is, refer to the table below. 


  1. Add the 6 highest salary credits, the divide by 18 days. You now have the daily maternity allowance.
  2. Now, multiply the daily maternity allowance by 60, for those who had a normal delivery or a miscarriage or 78, for those who went through caesarean section operation. The total is your maternity benefit.

Example Computation: 

Rissa is a voluntary SSS member and she has been paying P220 per month for her SSS contributions since she resigned from her call center job in August 2016. She’s now 8 months pregnant and she is supposed to deliver her child on September 5, 2017.

How much will she get from her SSS Maternity Benefit? 

First, let’s get the semester of contingency which includes the quarter of her delivery month and the quarter before that. Therefore, her semester of contingency includes the following months:

April 2017 – May 2017 – June 2017 – July 2017 – August 2017 – September 2017

Then, we will take note of her SSS contributions and Monthly Salary Credit or MSC (refer to the table of contribution above) during the 12 months prior to the semester of contingency: 

  1. March 2017 – P220 (SSS Contribution) – P2,000 (MSC)
  2. February 2017 – P220 – P2,000
  3. January 2017 – P220 – P2,000
  4. December 2016 – P220 – P2,000
  5. November 2016 – P220 – P2,000
  6. October 2016 – P220 – P2,000
  7. September 2016 – P220 – P2,000
  8. August 2016 – P220 – P2,000
  9. July 2016 – P1,760 – P16,000 (she pays the maximum contribution when she was still employed)
  10. June 2016 – P1,760 – P16,000
  11. May 2016 – P1,760 – P16,000
  12. April 2016 -P1,760 – P16,000

The next step is to add the 6 highest MSC from this 12-month period: 

  1. P16,000
  2. P16,000
  3. P16,000
  4. P16,000
  5. P2,000
  6. P2,000

Total Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) is P68,000.

Divide Total MSC by 180 days to get the Average Daily Salary Credit:

P68,000 / 180 days = P377.77

How much is Diane’s SSS Maternity Benefit? 

A. If she delivers normally, multiply the daily salary credit by 60 days:

P377.77 x 60 days = P22,666

B. If she delivers via Caesarian Section, multiply the daily salary credit by 78 days:

P377.77 x 78 days = P29,466

Therefore, Rissa will receive P22,666 for Normal Delivery or P29,466 for CS Delivery.

Regarding the Expanded Maternity Leave Law which was signed by the Senate on March 6, 2017, Rissa cannot avail of this yet since it’s still being processed in the House of Representative and it has yet to be approved and signed by the President for it to be implemented. 



  1. Due date ko po ng september 2016 voluntary member na po ako ngaun, wala po akong payment from august 2015 december 2015. Nagstart po ako for voluntary january 2016…quarterly po ako kung bayad….makaka avail po ba ako sa maternity benefit ?

    • ask ko lng po..employed po xa tapos due date nya 8/2016 c.s po. na regular xa or ung contribution nya starts december 2015.. paanu po ba..4 moths lng ba ma avail nya?december to march 2016?

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    Hindi ba mwawala yung maternity ko? E mag ooctober na??

  5. Jessa gagarin says

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  6. Kristyle Ceriales says

    Hi. I availed my SSS mat ben. and I already recieved 75% of my benefit in advance. After I gave birth, I decided to resign. After 6 months, I got hired from a different company. May I ask know as to where can I get the remaining %25 of my benefits? Would it be from my former employer? Or the present company? Pwede ko pa ba ma claim yun? Tho they’re only requiring to submit the reqs after the delivery date? Pls help me. Thanks

  7. Reynalyn manalang says

    Inaaccept po ba nila yung TIN ID and Phealth ID for reimbursement

  8. jennelyn gonzales says

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    • Jenny Mendoza Gonzales says

      Almost k name kita..=) sken sis nreceive naman nla. Bsta may ultrasound k at ung form ng mat1. S mat 2 q ang bngay q ung certificate of non cash advance at ung L-501 gling s dti qng employer. Wla aqng pinasang coe kc awol aq. As of now on process ung claim q. Bngyan aq ng atm from sss

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    pls answer po mejo naguguluhan po ako kasi.
    salamat po .
    May God bLess us aLL.

    • log-in ka sa SSS website, makkita mo kung magkano makukuha mo. depende yun sa hulog mo. same scenario ka sa wife ko. di na counted yung Nov na hulog mo kasi 1st 2Quarters lang ang counted. sa case mo 2nd & 3rd Q (2016) ka ppasok. ensure na may hulog ka from April- Sep.

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  11. Rejenne Bensurto says

    Nung july po nagpasa po ako ng noti form para sa maternity tinanggap naman po ng sss batasan branch yung noti ko tsaka sabi po nila ok daw po yung hulog ko kasi jan2015-jan2016 po kasi wla ako hulog nagstart nalang po ulit ntong feb2016-sept2016,, yung dating agency ko po kasi di po nila hinulugan at iba narin po ngyon ang company ko,yung dating agency ko po under po nila yun jan2015-dec2015,tas ang company ko nmn po ngyon ngstart po kasi sila nghuloh feb2016-sept 2016,sbi po ng batasan branch ok naman daw po yung hulog ko kasi sbi ko po paano po yung hulog ko start lng ng feb2016-sept2016 po stop,kz leave na po ako ng katapusan ng aug. Sabi po nila aapprovahan daw po yun pero pagdating ko ng uradaneta branch biglang di daw po naaprovhan kz po kulang ng isang bwan at wala daw gamit n bank ang company ko.. Ano po ba yung dpat gawn po at ano po yung sinasabing bank po??

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  16. Gandang araw po ako po ay mother ng may problem sa pagclaim ng maternity benefitsa madalit sabi po andon na po kami sa filing ng mat2 nagsign na po ang employer nia kaso may new form na po pala ang sss para sa maternity reimbursement do dapat po uling magsign ang employer nia at need na ang employer ang magbayad muna ng benefit then ipakita ang voucher na nagbayad na ang employer at saka babayaran sa bank account ng employer ng sss ang so balik kami sa employer ayaw na niyang magsign at ang sabi po ay magvoluntary na lang cia para direct na ciang bayaran at ang sabi po ay cia ay d na employed cia nagfile po cia ng notification month of may at nanganak cia ay august at d na po cia nakapasok ng may pero bayad po cia ng contribution until june ang naging reason po ng employer niakung bakit d na cia employed kasi dati po single proprietorship at ngayon ay corporation na so wala na po cia sa list ng employees at may bagong registration na at ngayon sinasabi nila na awol na po cia ano po ang dapat gawin makaclaim pa po ba cia actually kiniqwnta ng Graceland Marikina branch ang benefit niang tatanggapin at sa ngayon po cia ay nasa marinduque na at ako ang authorize niang mag ayos nito pwede po ba etong ayusin sa Marindukebranch para madali

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  20. Buong taon ng 2015 wla pu aqng hulog.2016 pu ngbuntis aq.august pu aq n cs.ask q LNG pu ahm kz If mkkakuha pu b aq ng maternity benefit kng nung June gang dec.ang hinulog q.wla pu hulog cmula january gang may.?tnx pu

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  22. Diana chavit says

    hi! Paano po kng nung time na nagfile ako ng mat 1 ay nagreflect na company ay yung company na hindi ko pinasukan, pero currently employed po ako non sa iba nang company at di pa naupdate ung nasa sss ko nung time na iyon (pero ngayon naupdate na) Seasonal din po yung account ko at magsasarado ng January. Habang nakamaternity leave ako (naipasa ko na sa crrent employer lahat ng requirements para sa mat 1) tinerminate po nila ako dahil magsasarado daw ang account ko ng January at yung leave ko will cover 60 days at hindi na nila marirelease ung check ko. Makukuha ko parin po ba maternity benefit ko?

  23. Question. Gaano katagal talaga bago makuha ang maternity reimbursement? Nagsubmit ako papers ko November 23, pero until now pag nagchecheck ako ng Benefits ko sa website, wala daw. Ni hindi man lang “pending”. Please enlighten me. Kumpleto papers na sinubmit ko at pati atm acct number ko. Thanks

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    • rachelle Aguilar says

      Hi Diana.. nkuha mo npo ba ung maternity benefit claim mo? nag file dn aq recently lng Dec.21,2016..sabi 2weeks processing lng pro until now wla pa din . ok nba ung sau?

  25. Anne Bregildo says

    Paano po if hindi ako nakapagnotify sa sss??can i claim sss maternity..ano po kailangan gawin.??

  26. Pamela paule-lagman says

    Good Day!

    May question lang po sana ako regarding po sa requirements ng Maternity Benefits yung sa Proof of Pregnancy. Meron po akong Ultrasound Report na nakaindicate yung EDC ko (January 2017) pero yung surname ko po kasi sa Ultrasound Report “Paule” pa, surname ko nung dalaga (Hindi pa po kami kasi kasal nung time na nagpaultrasound ako – 2months preggy). Pwede pa rin kaya yun kahit nakapagchange surname na ako sa SSS mismo? “Lagman” na kasi yung record ko sa SSS saka sa UMID.

    Meron pa po ako isang Ultrasound Report pero February 2017 po kasi yung EDC na nakalagay sa report (6months preggy) pero Jan. 2017 talaga ako manganganak. Pero Lagman na po yun surname ko dun. Pwede rin kaya yun isubmit? Baka kasi magkaproblema ako pag nagpasa na ako ng requirements.

    Meron naman po akong E-4 form na patunay na nagpachange po ako ng Civil Status and Surname po from Paule to Lagman. 🙂

    Thank you po.

  27. goodday ngfile po ako ngaun jan5,2017 ng mat1,tnanong ko sa sss personel if mgkno nkkuhang benefits,sabi niya sa buong 2016 lang sila mgbabase sa hulog ko,,e sep-dec2016 lng po ang months ng hulog ko,,nbakante po kasi ako ng hulog mula aug2015-aug2016.
    may10,2017 po ang duedate ko hindi na daw po maissali sa computation ang hulog ko mula jan-may2017… maisasali lng daw po yun kung july ako mangnganak…
    talaga po bang 2016 lng ang covered ng maternty benefits ko… sayang naman po ang hulog from the the previous year 2013-2015…thx for the response…

  28. Hi,
    In behalf of my wife, nagpunta ako ng SSS after niya manganak noong Dec 19. Sabi sa akin doon, need raw ng na mag-open ng bank account at di na raw checke ang ini-issue ng SSS. kaso voluntary member ang wife ko at wala naman siya account sa banko. Question ko is, may option pa ba na maging checke at ang mahal mag open ng bank account at once lang naman gagamitin? Note- di rin daw pwede gamitin ang account number ko.
    Thank you.

    • Daniella says

      Meron namang bank accounts na walang maintaining fee. Sa BPI for example, P200 lang to open a certain type of bank account, kahit zero balance di magsasara. Pero ang catch lang dun is may bayad na P5 kada withdraw. Eto yung link sa sinasabi ko:

    • vanessa inan says

      Hello po. Ask ko lang po db may bagong approved na bill para sa sss maternity ung 120 days, paano po ba un? Para lang b un sa employed? Paano po yung unemployed,voluntary,self employed times 60 parin ? Thanks po

  29. Ma.Luisa c.salac says

    Tanong ko lng po 3 mos.preggy po ako ngayn then ka loan ko lng po ng salary loan voluntary kelan po ako pwede mag file ng maternity loan?thank you.

  30. sarah jane diaz says

    hello po pnu po malalaman kung na settled n ng ss ung pera s acc. qoh..

  31. hi..ask ko lang po if pwde pa may makuha sa maternity benefits nung sister ko hnd sya aware sa benefits nya.. well she’s younger than me.. self employed po sya.. 1yr old n kc ung baby nya … thanks po

    • malyn Mayor says

      gudday po. ask ko lng po, nagwork po ako from feb 2001 to 2006 then na stop po ako nag work , since nun dko na nhulugan sss ko, nabuntis ako at nanganak nung last May 2013, hndi po ako nakapafile ng maternity notification sa sss, Ask ko po kung pwde pa kya ako makapag claim ng maternity benefits ko? thank po and God Bless

  32. Hi good morning, almost 3 years na akong hindi nakakahulog sa SSS ko,kung maghulog ba ako ngayon for the whole quarter makaka avail ako ng MAT 1 po?ngayon pa lang kasi ako mag claim ng MAT 1 since pangatlo ko na po itong panganganak.
    salamat po.
    hope to recieved answers from you.

  33. Hell0 po! pwede po magtanong ?
    hangang kelan po pwede magpasa ng Mat 1? due date ko po ng june 25

  34. Ask q lng pued q pa po ifile yong maternity q khit 7 yrs old na po anak q,don po kc sa 2 qng anak na nauna d q po nagamit maternity q.. pero may nkapagsabi po sakin hanggang 10 yrs pued daw aq magclaim..pano b po ang proseso??sayang din po kc ni hindi pa po aq nakapagloan sa sss eversince,14 yrs old pa aq nong maging member ng sss,pero wla po aq binifits na nakukuha pero last time nagfollow up aq qualified po aq magloan base sa contribution q dapat lng daw i update since d n po aq nawork..

    • angelica m. abol says

      ask q lng po.kng pwede pa po aq mgfile ng maternity..? 7months na po aq pregnant bedrest po aq ng 4months hndi na rin po aq nkablik sa work q…kya hndi q na po naituloy ung hulog q sa sss…last payment q po sa sss ay NOV. 2016 ”’pwede pa po b aq mgfile ng maternity kht 7 months na po aqng pregnant?

  35. Is anybody there can answer my questions……
    …ngwork aq as prod operator…. 2009…..d q alam buntis aq. Naendo aq s work ndi nkpagfile ng mat1 ……pero chineck ko my hulog nmn cla….pagkakaalam ko kc dti pwede lang mgfile eh ung regular s trabho……. My son is going 7yes old n… Pwede pa kaya magfile at maclaim maternity benefit…? Salamat s sasagot…..

  36. rhen dela cruz says

    Hi po,
    ask ko lang,updated nman ang contribution ko, then nalaman kong pregnant ako ng 2 1 month nitong feb 2017,tpos balak ko magresign na dis end of march..dretso sa sss naba ako dapat mag file ng maternity benefits ko?then kpg ngfile nko ng mat2 kailangn ko pang humingi sa knila ng cert of separation and no cash advancement?

  37. rhen dela cruz says

    sorry one month yan

  38. Ask lng po. Nagresign po ako sa company kong pinagtatrabahuhan nong Jan. 2016. Then I got pregnant after I resigned po, Jan. din po. Pwd pa din po ba akong magfile ng maternity ko po. And other situation ko po, sa bahay lng po ako nkapanganak kasi di na po ako naabutan sa hospital, panu po kaya un.? thank u po.

  39. I mean po di na po ako nakaabot sa hospital.

  40. Mary anne o. Almirol says

    Hi ask ko lang po if what other documentsbang pwede ko isubmit as proof of identification? Kakapagawa ko lang po kase ng id sss then magffile po ako mat1. I just got married so idecided na ichange na civil status ko before ako magpa id so wala pa ako updated ids bukod dun. Salamat po!

  41. jamela dela cruz says

    Gud day po ask q lng po ng file po aq ng maternity. Snabi po sa akin n hndi n daw po aq pede mg file kc png 6th pregnancy q na daw po ito. sa limang pregnancy q Nman po wala p nman aqng n file sa knila pnu po b un. Tnx po godbless…

  42. Sarah virata dinoso says

    hi po, ask ko lang po if makakapag avail pa po ba ako ng maternity loan? 3months na po ung baby ko,hndi po ako nkapg file ng MAT1 at naENDO na dn po ako. Magagamit ko pa po ba un? salamat sa makakasagot po

  43. ask q lng po kng pwede pa po aq mg file ng maternity? 7 months pregnant na po aq””na bed rest po kc aq ng 4 months…hndi na po aq nkapsok sa work q…last payment q po sa sss nung NOV. 2016 PO…gusto q sana ituloy ung hulog q…pwede pa po b aq mg file ng mat1”’????

  44. hi po ask ko lang kong pwede bang makapagfill ulit ng maternity benifits kasi nung isang taon nbuntis po ako tapos nagfill ako ng mater.ben. ko nung nov 2017 ,tapos hindi na ako nagwork ngayun dahil nagstop na ako nung isang taon pero magvovolunteer kasi ako ngayung june kasi yung last month nabayran ko is may 2015-august 2016 … eh nasundan po ako ngayun kaya pregnant ako ngayun 5 months napo pwede ho bang makapagfill ulit ng maternity bet. of magloloan nlng ako

  45. luz zalun says

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede pa ako mag pasa ng mat1 khit mangnganak na ako this july 2017 member nmn po aq, kaso d na po updated

  46. Loreen f. Aringo says

    Good day. Ask ku lang po if qualified aku para sa maternity? Aug. 8, 2015 pu aku nanganak. Ang month lang na nhulugan ku is jan., april, may, june july august.

  47. Karen fernandez says

    Hi Goodpm po.. Ask ko lang po about sa Proof of Birth method requirements,
    Paano po makakakuha ng certified true copy or registered birth certificate ni baby kung wala yung pirma ng father kc ofw sya?..Or anu po pwedeng gawin kapag wala pang registered Birth Certificate si baby para makapagclaim ng Maternity Reimbursement?..

  48. Ask ko lang po if pwede pa mag apply ng mat1? First pregnancy ko po. 7mnths na ko and unemployed since first month of my pregnancy. And i think dec.2016 last na hulog ng sss ko. Thanks in advance po sa sasagot.

  49. Gd pm po ask k lng po..pwede po b aqong mag aply nang mat1..first pregnancy k po..5mnth n po aqng pregnant tpos po..hmnto aqo nang work ntng may 2017,,last k pong hulog ntong may25 2017 lng po..Last due k po ntng nov 2017 po ..slmt po ssgot..

  50. Hi Po. May katanungan lang po ako. Member po ako ng Sss since ApriL 2015- ApriL 2016. Self employed. Buntis na po ako Jan. 2016 nanganak ako oct. 2016. Mkka’avail po ba ako ng Maternity Benefits??

  51. Maricar Amistoso says

    120 days maternity leave with pay was already approved last March 16, 2017 pa po. Is this applicable na po ba sa SSS? Nanganak ako nung May 11, 2017.

  52. Leonica Parlonga says

    Ung SSS maternity benefit q hanggang ngaun ndi ko po mkuha.. Patulong nman po. . dahil sa late posting ng SSS dasma.. Mag iisang taon na po..

  53. Jessebel S. Salvador says

    Hi po ang due q po sa Nov 20 2017 Caesarean po ako.. 495 po ang hulog q monthly voluntary po ilan po mkukuha q sa maternity benefits? Ty

  54. jean amar says

    Hi po..ask ko lang po if pwede na after birth pa maprocess ang sss mat.benefits ko?..

  55. Maka avail po ba ako ng maternity,last contribution ko noong febuary 2017..8 month pregnant po ako ngayon.

  56. Ask ko lang ano ang dapat kung gawin nakafile na po ako ng mat1 pero single pa po ako,tapos ngayon married na po ako ok lang bah na single lang ang gagamitin ko pag nagfile na ako ng mat2.

  57. flaujeanne says

    hello po ask ko lang kung magkano pwede ko makuha sa maternity ko.30 months na nahuhulugan ang sss ko.kaso hindi ako nakapagpatuloy maghulog ngaun year na to.salamat po sa response.

  58. Melissa Lampa says

    Hello po ask ko lang yung sa kapatid ko kasi employed siya hanggang 0ctober 2016 tapos nabuntis siya ng november 2016 at manganak siya ng july 2017, kailangan paba magsubmit ng seperation letter galing sa previos employer before siya makapag file ng mat-2??? Thank you… Hinihingi pa kasi dito sasa SSS olongapo eh self employed na po kapatid ko bago pa man siya magbuntis…

  59. Ask k lang po if ma aavail ko po matetnity ng sss if kakahulog lang po ng company ko this september2017.3months pregnant po ako now and my due date is on march 2018 kinuhaan n den po ako ng employer ko ng mat1 and napasa ko n po Sa kanila gusto ko lang pi malaman if iinform po b ng sss yung company ko kunf anu ano po yung kylangang bayaran para maavail ko maternity benefits? Thank you po

  60. hi good day po. Ask ko lang po kung pwede paden ako magfile ng mat 1 kaht 8 months pregnant nako kakaresign ko lng sa work ko last sept. 22 .

  61. Rachel cardeno says

    Makapag avail pa rin po. ako ng maternity ko khit na po wla akong certificate pf separation from my company dhil hndi daw po naipadla sa hr yung resignation letter ko ksi po inadvice po skin ng o.b ko na mag bedrest so hndi na ko nakapasok.. .. kya hndi ako makakuha ng c.separation ko.. pero nkapagfile po ako ng mat1 sa sss..

  62. jennifer baylon says

    tanong ko lang po, paano kung meron pa po ako balance sa nautang ko salary loan ibabawas po ba yun sa maternity claim?salamat po

  63. juhn lyn losares says

    ask ko lng poh sana…1st job ko po itong s company na napasukan ko po…new member din po ako ng sss… 5mths pa lng po na nahuhulugan ng company ung sss ko…. 4mths pregnant po ako nakunan po ako(miscarriage) nitong october 25 2017 lng poh. …may makukuha po ba ako na benefits sa sss?…thanks poh

  64. Sa miscarriage po, makaka kuha parin ba ng maternity benefits kung 3 weeks lng nag leave?


    ask ko lang po kung need pa po ng medical abstract for my maternity benefits? lying-in lang po ako nanganak… hindi namn po ako na admit or naoperahan.. thanks.. hope to read this and reply please..


    kailangan pa rin po ba ng medical abstract?

  67. Queenee Michelle o. Caadan says

    Hi po ask ko lng po medyo naguluhan lng po aq. .
    NagMISCARIAGE po kc aq nung Dec. 22 2015. Nahospital po aq ng 1 day at nagpauwi nadin aq my nireseta skin na gmot pero wala na yung nireseta skin nun o yung resibo non d rin po aq nagfile ng maternity nun kc d q nmn po alm. Den now Nov. 12,2017nanganak aq nagfile aq ng maternity …pinapaayos din nila yung sa OB history ko at medical certificate ko paanu po ba aq makakuha ng gnun sa EAST AVE MEDICAL CENTER qng sobrang tagal na non…… Sana po my sumagot sa taking ko. . Sobrang need q po mlman tlga slmat po

    • SSS Answers says

      requirements po talaga yan so kailangan nyo pong ipasa. itanong nyo po sa OB nyo kung may records pa sila ng OB checkups mo

  68. Queenee Michelle o. Caadan says

    Hi po my ask din po ulit aq Nov. 12,2017 nanganak po aq need ng sss is yung sa L501 at yung separation of non reimburse…. Mkakakuha po ba aq nun sa agency f NAG-AWHOLE aq nun sa agency nmin at nahulugan lng nila ng 1time yung sss q. Slmat po sa sagot at panu q din po mkukuha yun at ilang araw please please need help lng po salmat po

  69. First pregnancy ko, ano ba yung ob history? San ko makukuha yun, yun na lang kasi wala sakin.thanks

  70. oderation.

    First pregnancy ko, ano ba yung ob history? San ko makukuha yun, yun nalang kasi kulang ko. Thanks.

  71. ANGELICA agoncillo reyes says

    Gudafternoon,tanong q LNG po qng my makukuha kya AQ sa maternity benefits,3yrs old na po anak q,.bale 2013 po nahulugan pala sss q ng agency q nahinto po xa ng June 2014,2months pregnant napo AQ nun.hnd po AQ nkapagfile ng mat1 kc hnd qpo Alan na hinulugan na pla ng agency q sss q,na DTI kc hnd cla naghuhulog.ngaun q nalang po nalaman na my hulog pla sss q.hnd q po xa natuloy sa paghulog Simula ngagresign aq gang sa nkapanganak na.sana mapansin nio po concern q thankyou.

  72. ask ko lng po .. last natigil po ung hulog ko sa sss january 2016 so nabuntis po ako ng sept. so mangangank po ako ng june 29 2018 pero ndi na po nhulugan ung sss ko hanggang sa manganak po ako .. nagwork na po ako oct. 2017 na po until now ask ko lng kng may mkukuha pa po ako ng maternity loan sa sss pag nag file po ako

  73. Assel ann de padua says

    Ask q lng po 5months na po aq pregnant ei wala po aq hulog sa sss last year balak q po sana magbayad ngaun pde pa po ba aq mag avail ng mat benefits

  74. Daisy May Balderama says

    hi good day po, ask ko lang po ano po ba ang pwede kong i-submit na document kong wala po akong DTI o Copy na may Pirma o tatak na galing sa company na dati kong pinag trabahuan na covered para sa L501 ko?? un nalang po kc ang kulang ko…

  75. Catherine Belarmino says

    Hi there! I just want to ask po what po ba required sa if late registered yung birtcertificate? NSO or even the Birtcertificate came from the LCR? Mag one year na po kasi since nakuha ko yung benefit ko from sss, however kulang pa po yung requirements na napapasa ko. Ngayon po kapg di ko pa napasa yung Birthcert di ko makukuha additional from SSS which I’m aware. Kapag di ko pa po napasa on or before end of the month mababawasan na po ako sa sahod. Pwede ko po ba ipase yung Birthcert galing LCR or NSO po tlaga. Thank you.

  76. Hi ask ko lang po. nagresignd po kasi ako sa work ko then nagstart yung payment ko ng may 22 2017 natapo ng april 22 2018. makakaavail po ba ako ng maternity? managanganak na po kasi ako sa september

  77. Active voluntary member po ako till now….preggy na po ako now….monthly contribution is 660 tinaasaan ko from 550 nung jan-March 2018 lng…pwede ko ba sya derecho max. Contribution para lumaki ang maternity benefits ko…tnxz in advance….

  78. Mary jane C. Cantoneros says

    Hi poh ask ko lang poh kung my makukuha po ba akong benifets,dahil 14months lang ang hulog ko Noong mga 2005 pa po yun hanggang ngayung d k na poh nahuhulugan my employeer poh ako noong…eh ngayun pon 5months na poh Ang baby ko pero d po ako nag fine ng maternity sa SSS kasi d k poh alam kung my makukuha ba ako. At kung myron man poh ako makukuha pwede pa ba makuha yun kasi naka 5months na poh nanganak at CS poh ako..thanks poh

  79. Shellamer aves says

    Hi po ask ko lng po if june to decembee lng ang hulog ko january kase ang due ko magknu po kayang ang makukuha ko ?

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