How I Successfully Registered to My.SSS in 7 Easy Steps

Are you having a hard time registering to My.SSS or the online platform of the Social Social Security System?

Have you been wanting to check your SSS contributions online but couldn’t do so because you’re not yet registered?

Don’t worry, because in this post, I’ll share with you the 7 easy steps to register to My.SSS based from my own experience.

Yes, that’s right. I just registered my mom’s SSS account online and the process was pretty quick and simple. And that’s exactly why I want to share it with you too. Let’s start…

7 Easy Steps for SSS Online Registration

Step 1

Go to Click the ‘Click Here’ button under ‘Not Yet Registered in My.SSS’ (see screenshot below).


Step 2

To register as SSS member online, you need to choose one of the information below:

  • Savings Account Number
  • Mobile Number Registered in SSS
  • UMID Card
  • Employer ID Number
  • Payment Reference Number

Since my mom has just recently paid her SSS loan and she still has a copy of the Payment Receipt from SSS, we chose the option for Payment Receipt Transaction Number.

Step 3

In the Online User ID Registration, enter all the required information correctly.



After you filled out the form, enter the code in the blank box at the bottom of the page, then tick the smaller box to accept the Terms of Service, and finally click Submit.

Step 4

Upon successful registration, a confirmation message will show up on the screen which looks like the screenshot below.


The system notification will be sent to within 30 minutes. I got mine only after 5 minutes.

Step 5

Check your inbox to see if the system notification from SSS is already there. The subject of the email is SSS Web Registration and it should come from Open the email and look for the User ID and the link to activate your My.SSS account. 

Make sure to activate your account within 5 working days, otherwise, the activation link will expire and you will have to repeat the registration process.


Step 6

Below your User ID, click the Activation Link. It will redirect you to another page where you’re going to set your Password. Make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Length – must be 8-20 alpha-numeric characters.
  • First character – must be alphabetic.
  • No special characters – must be different from the User ID


Step 7

Once your password is updated, you will automatically be logged in to your SSS online account.


These 7 simple steps can help you register in My.SSS easily. If you encounter any issues during the SSS online registration process, check my other tips below.

Tips for Successful SSS Online Registration

  1. Use Internet Explorer to access the SSS website.
  2. Use an email address that is active and that has not been used before to register to My.SSS.
  3. If you don’t receive the notification on your email inbox, check your spam folder to see if it’s there.
  4. If the SSS site is down or slow, try accessing it during weeknights or weekends instead.
  5. If all else fail, try to visit the nearest SSS branch, go to the e-Services desk, and ask how you can register to My.SSS.

It’s easier to check your SSS contributions online if you are registered to My.SSS. Aside from that, the SSS also provides many services through this online platform. So, if you’re not registered yet, go ahead and register now.

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  1. jocelyn m. cortez says

    i am jocelyn cortez,member of sss,i just wanna ask about my contributions.i am planning to avail loan fot the first time.but i have only 31 contributions.if i had to pay my 5 contributions to make it 36 contributions am i qualified already to have my first loan?

  2. Clave Cyrine joy cadiz says

    Pag ba di internet explorer di talaga magiging successful? Nag try din kasi ako mag register tablet lang gamit ko. Kaso pag fill up ko na ng mga info ko sa given name na box di magkasya ang name ko Clave Cyrine Joy kasi ang name ko eh sa box Clave Cyrine Jo lang kaya di talaga ako maka register. Tanong ko lang sana kung ano dapat ko gawin?

  3. Bobby Macapagal says

    I received an email from sss, I click on the link to activate my SSS account, but nothing appears. just like on step 6.

  4. I cant activate my account how is that?


  1. […] Note: This is only applicable if you have already registered to My.SSS and you have an existing User ID and Password. If you’re not yet registered, follow the steps here to register: SSS Online Registration. […]

  2. […] Note: This is only applicable if you have already registered to My.SSS and you have an existing User ID and Password. If you’re not yet registered, follow the steps here to register: SSS Online Registration. […]

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