SSS Salary Loan Application, Requirements, Payment, Interest Rates and FAQs

Applying for SSS salary loan is one of the benefits that qualified SSS members can enjoy.

Many SSS members take advantage of the SSS salary loan because it’s not only easy to file but it’s also affordable to pay.

If you have a financial emergency or you need cash immediately, you may apply for SSS salary loan, provided you meet the following criteria or eligibility requirements:

  • You are an SSS member
  • You are below 65 years old at the time of application
  • You have made at least 36 months contributions to the SSS if you’re applying for a 1-month salary loan
  • You have made at least 72 months contributions to the SSS if you’re applying for a 2-month salary loan
  • You have made at least 6 months contributions in the last twelve months

If you have other existing loans from the Philippine Social Security System, make sure that your payments are up-to-date.

If you’re employed, make sure that your employer remits your monthly contributions and loan payments. You may ask your HR officer about these or you may login to My.SSS to access your SSS contributions and statement of loan balances.

Also, make sure that you have not been granted any final benefits like retirement benefit to apply for a salary loan from the SSS.

What are the Requirements for SSS Salary Loan

  1. UMID or SSS ID or E-6 Form (acknowledgement stub)
  2. SSS Salary Loan Application form – download here
  3. Valid ID with photo and signature

How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan

You can apply for SSS Salary Loan through the following options:

  1. Apply personally at the SSS branch or office
  2. Apply online at

For OFWs, online application of salary loan at the SSS website may be the most convenient way but you must register your SSS account online first.

Or, you may apply personally at the SSS Foreign Representative Office if there’s one in the country where you’re currently situated.

Or, you may authorize a representative to file your SSS salary loan application here in the Philippines.

How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan Online

If you already have an SSS account online, follow these steps to apply for SSS Salary Loan:

Step 1: Open the SSS website at

Step 2: Login using your User ID and Password

Step 3: Click E-Services, then click Apply for Salary Loan.


Step 4: Choose the Loanable Amount, Payment Mode, Mailing Address and Postal Code.

Note: The loanable amount depends on the number and amount of your SSS contributions.

Step 5: Click the box if you agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click Proceed.

If you are employed locally, you must notify your company or employer through your HR department that you filed an application for SSS salary loan online.

Your HR Officer will verify and approve your SSS salary loan application through the company’s SSS online account before it gets processed.

How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan at the SSS Branch

If you prefer applying for SSS salary loan personally or you’re having a hard time applying online, visiting the nearest SSS branch is your next option.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Prepare the requirements including:

  • duly filled-up SSS salary loan application form
  • UMID or SSS ID
  • E-6 Form (if you don’t have a UMID)
  • at least two valid IDs (with your signature and photo)

It would be best if you prepare these requirements before you go to the SSS branch to save time and to avoid delay.

Step 2: Once you’re at the SSS branch, approach the guard on duty or the information personnel and tell them that you’re going to apply for a salary loan. They will direct you to the correct queue and will give you a queue number.

Step 3: Once your number is called, submit your SSS salary loan requirements. If you have any questions about the loan, don’t hesitate to ask the SSS personnel.

Your SSS salary loan application will be processed in 3-6 weeks.

To follow up on the status of your application, you may contact SSS through the following:

  • SSS Hotline: 920-6446 to 55
  • SSS Toll-Free No.: 1-800-10-2255777
  • SSS Email:
  • SSS Email for OFWs:
  • SSS Facebook:

How to Apply for Salary Loan through a Representative

The process of applying for a loan through a representative is the same as the steps explained above.

In addition to the requirements, your representative must also submit the following documents:

  • His/her own primary valid ID or secondary IDs
  • Letter of Authority (LOA) with the OFW-member’s and representative’s signatures

How to Receive SSS Salary Loan Proceeds

Once your SSS salary loan application has been approved, you will receive the loan proceeds through any of the options below.

  1. UMID ATM Withdrawal
    • If you have the new UMID ATM (SSS ID that has the feature of an ATM), your loan proceeds will be deposited/debited to it. You can withdraw it using your UMID ATM at any affiliated ATM machine.
  2. Cheque to be mailed to your mailing address
    • If your UMID ATM is not yet activated, your loan proceeds will be released through check to be mailed at your updated address.
    • For employed members, you must present the stub that came with your cheque to your HR Officer
    • You must encash the cheque within 3 months from issue date.
  3. Cheque to be picked up at the SSS branch
    • If the 2 options above are not applicable to you, you may ask the SSS personnel if you can pick up the cheque at the SSS branch.

How much can you get from your SSS Salary Loan

  1. 1-month Salary Loan
    • It is the average of the your latest 12 posted monthly salary credits (MSCs) that are rounded to the next higher MSC or the desired loan amount, whichever is lower.
  2. 2-month Salary Loan
    • It is twice the average of the borrower’s latest posted MSCs that are rounded to the next higher MSC or the desired loan amount, whichever is lower.

You can apply for 1-month or 2-month salary loan, BUT the actual loanable amount depends on the number and amount of your SSS contributions.

The Monthly Salary Credit or MSC is the compensation base for SSS contributions and benefits related to the declared monthly salary or compensation of the member. It is used to compute for the SSS loanable amount and other SSS benefits.

When shall I pay my SSS Salary Loan and How Long?

  • Your SSS loan payment begins on the second month after the date of your loan.
  • Your SSS salary loan is payable in 24 monthly installments within two years.

How much are the interest and fees of an SSS Salary Loan?

  • 10% annual interest rate based on diminishing principal balance.
  • 1% service fee of the approved SSS salary loan amount
  • 1% penalty fee for every month that the loan payment is delayed.

When Can I Renew or Re-apply for SSS Salary Loan? 

  • You can renew or re-apply for SSS Salary Loan once you have paid at least 50% of the original principal amount and at least 50% of the term has lapsed.
  • Proceeds of renewal loan is any amount greater than or equal to zero as long as the outstanding balance on the previous loan is deducted.


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