How to Verify the Status of your UMID Application

Have you been waiting for your UMID or Unified Multi-Purpose ID for months now?

Do you want to know the status of your UMID Application?

If yes, to verify the status of your application for UMID, you may email, call, or visit the SSS branch. CONTINUE READING

No more delay on the releasing of UMID Cards

Good news for those who want to get or apply for the UMID or Unified Multi-Purpose Identification card.

You don’t have to wait several months anymore to get your UMID because according to the SSS or Social Security System, you may now receive your cards within 30 working days from your card application. CONTINUE READING

How to Apply for SSS ID or UMID Card

We probably heard of the “UMID card” that everyone seems to ask for.

Whenever we apply for something, we hear, “May UMID card po kayo?”

Chances are that the reason you are reading this article right now is that you wish to know what a UMID card is for and how it can benefit you. CONTINUE READING