What You Need to Know About the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill

One of the most interesting topics that SSS female members have been discussing right now is the Expanded Maternity Leave bill.

Basically, what this Expanded Maternity Leave bill wants to happen is to increase the number of paid maternity leave days of pregnant women who are SSS members. CONTINUE READING

How to Send SSS Maternity Notification via TEXT or SMS

Some SSS members are still unaware that they have to notify the SSS office of their pregnancy as one of the requirements to be able to avail of the SSS Maternity Benefit.

And this often causes issues when claiming their maternity benefit. CONTINUE READING

SSS Maternity Benefit Claim Denied? Here’s why it’s denied and how to avoid it…

SSS Maternity Benefit is one of the many benefits that the Social Security System provides to its female members.

If you have paid the maximum monthly contribution rate prior to your pregnancy and you qualified for this benefit, you will most likely receive the maximum maternity benefit amount which would be a big help for your delivery, medical and other personal expenses. CONTINUE READING

What are the SSS Benefits and why you should continue to be an SSS Member

The Philippine Social Security System (SSS) through R.A. 8282, otherwise known as Social Security Law, provides benefits to protect SSS members and its beneficiaries against the hazards of sickness, disability, maternity, old age, death, and other contingencies resulting in loss of income or financial burden. CONTINUE READING

MUST KNOW: Employers Pay SSS Sickness and Maternity Benefits in Advance

The Philippine Social Security System or SSS offers benefits to its members including sickness benefit and maternity benefit.

SSS members who pay their monthly contributions to the SSS consistently can avail of these benefits when the need arises. CONTINUE READING

How to Compute SSS Maternity Benefit with Examples

The SSS Maternity Benefit is one of the many benefits that a female SSS member can avail of. This benefit is not a loan but a cash benefit that you will receive from the Social Security System.

How would you know the amount that you will receive from SSS? CONTINUE READING

Requirements and Application Process for SSS Maternity Benefit

Are you pregnant? Are you a non-government employee, a private employee or self-employed? Do you have an SSS membership?

Well then, good news! Because the SSS maternity benefit applies to you. And with this benefit, you will receive such compensation for your leave in order to take care of your baby. CONTINUE READING