MUST KNOW: Employers Pay SSS Sickness and Maternity Benefits in Advance

The Philippine Social Security System or SSS offers benefits to its members including sickness benefit and maternity benefit.

SSS members who pay their monthly contributions to the SSS consistently can avail of these benefits when the need arises.

For example, when the SSS female member gets pregnant, she can file a maternity benefit and submit the required documents to her employer if she’s employed, or directly to the SSS office if she’s unemployed, self-employed, or a voluntary member.

Or when the SSS member gets sick, he or she can file for sickness benefit with the SSS.

For employed members, your sickness benefit and maternity benefit will be given to you by your employer in advance once your requirements and qualifications have been approved.

If your employer does not pay you your benefits, you can report your employer to the SSS.

This is based on a circular of the SSS, Circular No. 2017-006, addressed to all the employers, and it’s entitled, Legal Obligations of Employers to pay in advance the SS Sickness and Maternity Benefits to Qualified Employee-Members.

In this circular, it states that the employer should pay in advance the following SSS benefits to employed SSS members:

  1. SSS Sickness Benefit – This should be paid in advance by the employer to the qualified employee every regular pay day or on the 15th and last day of each applicable month.
  2. SSS Maternity Benefit – This should be paid in full by the employer to the qualified employee within 30 days from the filing of the maternity leave application.

These benefits should be given in advance so that the qualified members can use it for their medical expenses since they’re unable to work due to sickness, injury, child birth or miscarriage.

What if the employer failed to or refused to pay these benefits in advance? 

Employer’s failure or refusal to advance to their employees the sickness or maternity benefit shall be subject to the following penalties at the discretion of the court:

  • A fine of not less than P5,000 nor more than P20,000 (OR)
  • Imprisonment for not less than 6 years and 1 day nor more than 12 years or both.

If the failure of refusal to advance the benefit is committed by an association, partnership, or corporation or any other institution, the ones who will be liable to the penalties mentioned above are the managing head, directors or partners of the institution.

As an SSS member, you are entitled to the SSS benefits especially if you know that you pay your SSS contributions consistently based on your declared salary.

Aside from the SSS Sickness benefit and SSS Maternity Benefits, other benefits include disability benefit, retirement benefit,  death and funeral benefits.

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  1. Jane M. Aguilar says

    Is magna carta included in the mentioned “Sick Leaves” in sec 14, (3),(b) of RA 8282?

    My approved 60 days SSS sickness claim for my complete hysterectomy undergone on March, 2017 was refused to file by my employer due to:
    “Provided, that such allowance shall begin only after all sick leaves of ansence with full pay to credit of the employee member shall have been exhausted.”
    My sick leave balances showing negative so it means that I already utilized my sick leaves.
    I am being paid on that 60 day period because I filed it as Magna Carta pursuant to RA 9710 this is being paid by the employer and sss sickness is pursuant to RA 8282 and they are different. Now, please verify if Magna Carta is included on the ‘sick leaves’ mentioned on that provision? Magna Carta is a special leave law and the term Magna Carta is not stated in RA 8282.

  2. Aiza m caymo says

    Gud evening pi tnong k lna po kng ok n po b ang maternity k bkit po ang sv s sss 2000 lng dw mukuha k wait k po sgot nyu

  3. Aiza m caymo says

    One month k n pong naifile ung naternity k nung 10 bkt po kya gang ngaun wla p at bkit po ang liit daw ng mkukuha sv s sss 2000 lng dw po,,thank you po,,,

  4. I’ll be on my leave from work this wed 20th , exhausting my remaining 9 vl to start my mat leave , im on 34 weeks na kasi, eh baka ma cs ako because of the baby’s position . pero until now wla pang advance sss maternity benefit pinoprovide yung employer ko . Ano po kayang magandang gawin ? Ang hirap naman po kc babalik pa ako sa office just to get half advance payment ng sss while im on leave.

  5. Jimmy e. cornero says

    Yong pension ko Anong nakaraan na buwan ng Mayo ay kulang ng 5,000 sabi ng SSS nasira daw ang check printer..Bakit hindi naman dinagdag ngayon buwan ng June? Kailan po kaya naibigay ang kulang na 5,000 noong buwan ng Mayo? Salamat po.

  6. Leslie Manjares says

    isinubmit ko lahat ng docs sa employer ko and its complete last july 22. and nalaman ko na august 22 na nila isinubmit sa sss. pero sa nabasa ko po within 30 days dapat nabigay na ng employer ung advance payment. ito po about sa miscarriage ko. hanggang ngayon wala pa din daw update sa sss ko sabi ng hr namin. ano po bang dapat gawin?

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