Deadline of SSS Monthly Contribution Payments for 2018 EXTENDED!

Na-late ka ba sa pagbabayad ng SSS contributions mo ngayong 2018? 

Actually, hindi ka nag-iisa dahil maraming SSS members ang hindi nakapagbayad on time dahil sa bagong sistema ng SSS sa paggamit ng Payment Request Number or PRN.  CONTINUE READING

How to Pay SSS Contributions and Loans through Globe GCash

Do you know that aside from going to the SSS branch cashier and other SSS payment centers, you can now pay your SSS Contributions and SSS Loans easily and conveniently using Globe GCash?

Well, you heard it right!

You don’t need to go out of your home to do these. With Globe GCash, you can easily pay your SSS contributions and monthly amortizations of your SSS Loan at the comfort of your home or wherever you are, FREE of transaction charge!

What is Globe GCash? 

Globe GCash is a virtual wallet service offered by Globe Telecom that enables users to carry out financial transactions using their mobile phones.

According to SSS Officer-in-Charge of the Service Delivery Department Renato N. Malto,

“GCash offers a fast, convenient and hassle-free means for paying SSS contributions and loans.”

How to Pay SSS Contributions and SSS Loans using GCash? 

An SSS member who wants to pay using GCash needs to have a prepaid or postpaid Globe or Touch Mobile account to gain access to the GCash payment facility.

To REGISTER, just dial *143# on your cell phone, select GCash and enter the required personal information. You may also download the GCash mobile application and complete the enrollment procedure.

Once you’re registered, you may now start paying your SSS contributions and SSS Loan Amortization via Globe GCash.

How to use Globe GCash for payment of SSS Contributions

  1. Dial *137#
  2. Select National Gov’t Agency
  3. Select Biller. Select More if member is OFW, Self-Employed, or Voluntary member
  4. Select Contribution
  5. Enter 10-digit SS number
  6. Enter applicable month or covered period
  7. Select range of contribution
  8. Select actual amount of contribution
  9. Select Proceed
  10. Enter 4-digit GCash PIN
  11. SMS confirmation will be sent upon payment of contribution

How to use Globe GCash for SSS Loan Payments

  1. Dial *137#
  2. Select National Gov’t Agency
  3. Select Biller. Select More if member is OFW, Self-Employed, or Voluntary member
  4. Select Member Loan or Real Estate Loan
  5. Enter 10-digit SS number (for Member Loan) or Real Estate Loan account number (for Real Estate Loan)
  6. Enter amount
  7. Select Confirm
  8. Enter 4-digit GCash PIN
  9. SMS confirmation will be sent upon payment of loan

SSS Payment Confirmation

The GCash system will send a text message to confirm the receipt of the SSS payment, and the contribution or loan payment would be posted in the SSS database on the following day.

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The GCash system requires the use of a Personal Identification Number during every transaction to ensure that the funds in the member’s mobile wallet are kept safe and secure.

No transaction fee is also charged to the member’s account for SSS contribution and loan payments through GCash.

For inquiries on SSS contribution, loans or other concerns, you may call SSS at 920-6446 to 55 or visit the SSS Facebook Page.

Who can use Globe Gcash? 

The GCash payment scheme is available for SSS members registered as

  • self-employed or voluntary, including non-working spouses,
  • overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), and
  • farmers and fisherfolk

When to pay your SSS Contributions

  • Self-employed and voluntary members

Self-employed and voluntary members can pay their contributions monthly or quarterly, with the payment deadline based on the 10th digit of the member’s social security or “SS” number.

The cut-off date falls on the 10th day after the applicable month or quarter if the 10th digit is 1 or 2; the 15th day if 3 or 4; the 20th day if 5 or 6; the 25th day if 7 or 8; and on the last day of the month if 9 or 0.

  • OFW Members

OFWs can pay their voluntary SSS contributions for January to December any day within the same year, while their October to December payments are accepted until January 31 of the following year.

SSS Advance Payments

Self-employed and voluntary members can pay their monthly contributions in advance, but these are only considered for the computation of loans and benefits when the month corresponding to the payment has transpired.

SSS Retroactive Payments

Retroactive payments, or those paid after the deadline has lapsed, are disallowed.

When to pay your SSS Loans

SSS loan payments strictly follow a monthly schedule, with the cut-off date also based on the 10th digit of the member’s SS number.

Late loan payments are charged a one percent monthly penalty.

What are the other uses of Globe GCash?

Globe GCash cannot only be used for SSS payments. GCash users can also use their virtual wallet for:

  • purchasing load credits
  • shopping online
  • transferring funds
  • paying bills

Members can deposit funds into their mobile wallet through GCash outlets, mobile phone banking and online bank transfers, among others.

Do SSS members really use GCash? 

Surprisingly, yes, a lot of members have been using the Globe GCash Facility to pay their SSS Contribution and SSS Loans since it was officially rolled out in December 2015.

According to SSS Officer-in-Charge of the Service Delivery Department Renato N. Malto, out of the P648,420 total GCash collections as of end-March 2016, nearly 80 percent were payments for contributions which amounted to P511,575 while the remaining P136,845 were for members’ loan amortizations.

“Enabling SSS payments through Globe GCash aims to capitalize on the widespread use of mobile phones which have penetrated even the most distant areas of the country. Instead of spending much time, money and effort to go to the nearest SSS branch or to our accredited partners, members can just use their mobile phones to pay their contributions and loans,” Malto said.

GCash Customer Service Support

For inquiries, SSS Members may inquire through the following:

  • GCash Customer Service Support Hotline at 739-2882
  • SSS Call Center at 920-6446 to 55
  • SSS OFW Contact Services Unit at +632 364-7796 and +632 364-7798.
  • Globe subscribers can also call 2882 using their mobile phones to contact the GCash Customer Service Support Hotline.

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