How to Send SSS Maternity Notification via TEXT or SMS


Some SSS members are still unaware that they have to notify the SSS office of their pregnancy as one of the requirements to be able to avail of the SSS Maternity Benefit.

And this often causes issues when claiming their maternity benefit. CONTINUE READING

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SSS Loan Restructuring Program is Available Again this 2018


The SSS Loan Restructuring Program or SSS LRP will be available again starting April 2, 2018.

To all SSS members who have past due loans with the Social Security System, this is your chance to finally pay off your loans. With LRP, your loan penalties will be condoned or deducted from your loan balance which will make it easier for you to settle your loan. CONTINUE READING

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SSS Maternity Benefit Claim Denied? Here’s why it’s denied and how to avoid it…

SSS Maternity Benefit is one of the many benefits that the Social Security System provides to its female members.

If you have paid the maximum monthly contribution rate prior to your pregnancy and you qualified for this benefit, you will most likely receive the maximum maternity benefit amount which would be a big help for your delivery, medical and other personal expenses. CONTINUE READING

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How I Successfully Registered to My.SSS in 7 Easy Steps

Are you having a hard time registering to My.SSS or the online platform of the Social Social Security System?

Have you been wanting to check your SSS contributions online but couldn’t do so because you’re not yet registered? CONTINUE READING

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SSS Contribution Table 2018: How much should you pay to SSS as a Member?

The SSS Contribution Table 2018 remains the same despite SSS’ proposals for contribution rate and MSC hike.

This means that as of this writing, the maximum contribution rate is still P1,760 with Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) of P16,000 for members who earn ₱15,750 and above. CONTINUE READING

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What is SSS Payment Reference Number and How to Get PRN Online

SSS members can now enjoy a more sophisticated and convenient way of paying and viewing their contributions to the Philippine Social Security System through the Enhanced Contribution Collection System using generated Payment Reference Number (PRN). CONTINUE READING

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How to Check your SSS Contributions Online this 2018


I have read some comments both on this website and on our FB page that some people are having a hard time accessing their SSS online accounts after the Social Security System has made some changes/updates on the website. CONTINUE READING

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Will your SSS Pension be cut off if you remarry or have a new partner?


One of the benefits that the Philippine Social Security System provides is the Death Benefit.

Death Benefit is a cash benefit paid either in monthly pension or lump sum to the beneficiaries of a deceased SSS member. CONTINUE READING

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How to Register to the Enhanced My.SSS Member Web Registration (ONLINE)


Are you already an SSS member but you have not yet registered your SSS account online?

Well, it’s time to register so that you can take advantage of the facilities of My.SSS!

The Philippine Social Security System did not create the online platform for no reason. It’s there to help you access your SSS account information online, without having to go the SSS branch anymore. CONTINUE READING

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