Beware of UMID card ‘Rush Application’ Text Scam

The Social Security System of the Philippines or has warned the public on scams regarding the application for the Unified Multi-Purpose Identification or UMID card.

A text scam has been reported to SSS by concerned citizens, wherein the unknown senders offer assistance to expedite or speed up the processing of their UMID card application in exchange for a fee. CONTINUE READING

SSS Loan Restructuring Program: List of Calamities and Affected Areas

We’re all aware that our country has encountered a lot of calamities and disasters in the past couple of years.

It affected a lot of families and our economy as a whole. 

Because of this, many SSS members were not able to pay off their loans with SSS and this is one of the reasons why SSS came up with the Loan Restructuring Program. CONTINUE READING

Apply now for SSS Loan Restructuring Program!

Good news has come to those who have unpaid loans from SSS!

The government institution has developed a program for member-borrowers that will enable them to pay off their previous loans in a way that won’t be too heavy on their monthly pay. CONTINUE READING

How to Check SSS Contribution Online

If you are already a member of the Philippine Social Security System or SSS, the next thing that you should consider is to register your SSS account online to be able to check your SSS contribution online. CONTINUE READING

Types of SSS Housing Loan

It’s still not as good as its counterparts in “first world” countries, but a membership to the Philippines’ Social Security System is still a handy thing to have.

Aside from providing a much-needed safety net in case of emergency, SSS — through its loans — also provides financial assistance for a variety of needs. If you think it’s time to move out of your parents’ house and into your own abode, for example, the SSS Housing Loan is your best bet. CONTINUE READING

SSS Maternity Benefit: Application, Requirements & Computation

Having trouble applying for your SSS maternity benefit?

Here’s your solution. This article will be comprehensively tackling maternity benefits, its beneficiaries, the step-by-step process on how to avail those benefits, when you can apply and when you’re most likely to receive those benefits. CONTINUE READING

SSS Pension Plan or SSS Retirement Benefit

Investment is a very important tool for everybody.

People might think that starting early is not the best idea since many are at the receiving end of the lower income bracket.

But the trick here is to start at the earliest possible time. CONTINUE READING