Does your Employer Remit your SSS Contribution?

I have received several messages and comments from SSS members saying that their employers are not paying their SSS contributions.

If you’re having the same issue, don’t just keep quiet!

It is your right to ask your employer about it or file a complaint directly with the SSS if you know that you are deducted for your SSS contributions and yet your employer fails to remit it to the SSS on time. CONTINUE READING

For OFWs: How to Continue your SSS Contributions

The Philippine Social Security System offers many benefits to its members including those who are presently residing in the country and those who are living or working abroad.

For Overseas Filipinos who have stopped their contributions to the SSS and who wish to continue paying their SSS contributions, there are two ways to do this: CONTINUE READING

SSS Membership: How to be a Member of SSS

After learning about the different benefits that come with being an SSS member, you now decided to acquire membership and become an official member of the Social Security System.

But how?  Worry no more, because in this article you will learn about the important details of SSS membership. CONTINUE READING

How to Check SSS Contribution Online

If you are already a member of the Philippine Social Security System or SSS, the next thing that you should consider is to register your SSS account online to be able to check your SSS contribution online. CONTINUE READING

Types of SSS Housing Loan

It’s still not as good as its counterparts in “first world” countries, but a membership to the Philippines’ Social Security System is still a handy thing to have.

Aside from providing a much-needed safety net in case of emergency, SSS — through its loans — also provides financial assistance for a variety of needs. If you think it’s time to move out of your parents’ house and into your own abode, for example, the SSS Housing Loan is your best bet. CONTINUE READING